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Each Mdrive formula in our performance nutrition duo is designed with clinically proven ingredients combined with powerful bio-actives sourced from botanicals from around the world. Each formula is sport legal and shown to produce impressive results in athletes trained to know their bodies well and who strive to reach new goals.

Results Driven

Jesse Haynes

Jesse Haynes
  • Red Rock - Red Rock 50m Champion
  • San Juan 50k - Champion San Juan Trail 50k
  • Chino 50k - Champion Chino Hills 50k
  • Waldo - 2nd Overall Waldo 100k
Mike Kloser

Mike Kloser
    Jason Mcfaul

    Top Ironman Athlete

    Jason Mcfaul
    • 2014 Ironman - Number 1 In The USA And 3 In The World
    • Endurance - Completed Over 75 Endurance Races
    • Ironman - Completed Over 25 Ironman Events
    • Atlantic City Triathlon - 1st AG Challenge
    Kurt Madden

    Top Endurance Athlete

    Kurt Madden
    • Ultraman World Championships - 2x Champion
    • Rio De Janeiro Triathlon - Champion
    • Usa Track And Field Usa 24-hour - Champion
    • Leadville 100 Ultra Marathon - 2x Top 10 Finisher
    • Ironman Triathlon - 2x Champion
    Paul Romero

    Adventure Racer

    Paul Romero
    • 2000 Competitor Magazine - Adventure Racer Of The Year
    • Top 3 Winners Podium - 100x Top 3 Winner
    • Elite Athlete Trainer - Olympic, And World Champion Athletes
    • Autumn Cup - 1st Place
    • Rim Nordic Super - 1st Place
    Stevie Kremer

    Trail Running Champion

    Stevie Kremer
    • Skyrunner Marathon Series - World Champion
    • Marathon Du Mont Blanc - 1st Place
    • Matterhorn Ultraks Skyrace - 1st Place
    • Sierre-zinal Mountain Race - 1st Place
    • Hermannslauf Germany - 1st Place
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